our coffee

At Flight our coffee is ethically sourced, masterly roasted and made by championship baristas.

So what does this all mean?

Ethically sourced: It means each stakeholder in the coffee chain earns a sustainable living from the way we do business – from the farmers to the washers, to the importers and our baristas – we believe this is the way all entrepreneurs should do business.

Masterly roasted: Our roasting is done by an all female team of roasters. Their meticulous attention to detail is what makes every roast their own masterpiece.

Made by special imperfect hands of our championship baristas: This is important – our coffee is not perfect nor should it be – our coffee is about the barista that takes special care in making each cup of coffee.

Being expertly trained and championship-ready each barista goes through intensive training to ensure that each cup is tamped by his unique signature, and his love and passion for amazing coffee. His tamp is truly his signature.

So why is tamping so important to us?

Well if your barista does not tamp the coffee, you may as well be drinking from an automated bean-to-cup vending machine. This is a definitive clue as to the level of skill and knowledge of the barista preparing an espresso beverage by how he or she tamps the coffee. Tamping is the compacting of the ground coffee in the port filter prior to brewing. How a barista tamps will be a major determinant to the quality of the espresso, because compacting the coffee firmly and uniformly forces the water to flow through the grounds in a manner that extracts the best of the coffee’s flavours.

That is why we say – each of our barista’s tamp is truly their signature of passion for amazing coffee.